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"Joseph's Catering are ISO 22000 and HACCP Certified - The Highest International Standards for Food Safety "


The Government House - Honours and Awards Presentation
   Cocktail Reception for 900 guests per party
   consecutively for thirteen years from 2002 to 2014

Canadian Consulate - Independent Day Celebration
   Cocktail Reception for 800 guests per party
   for nine years from 2005 to 2014

Manhattan Hill
   Tea Buffet and Cocktail Reception - 3000 guests per day
   for 7 consecutive days

University of Hong Kong
   100 year Celebration Carnival for 5000 guests

International leading Fashion - Grand Opening
   Cocktail Reception for 2000 guests

Two IFC Podium
   Christmas Carnival 2500 guests per party for 2 days

Swire Pirate Adventurous Day
   Buffet and Fun Fair for 4000 guests


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