After we successfully catered their event last year, we are happy that IFC has chosen us to cater their 3000 guests Carnival again this year.   

"THANK YOU for your continuous support over the years"


The Government House - Honours and Awards Presentation
   Cocktail Reception for 900 guests per party
   consecutively for fourteen years from 2002 to 2015

Canadian Consulate - Independent Day Celebration
   Cocktail Reception for 800 guests per party
   for nine years from 2005 to 2015

Manhattan Hill
   Tea Buffet and Cocktail Reception - 3000 guests per day
   for 7 consecutive days

University of Hong Kong
   100 year Celebration Carnival for 5000 guests

International leading Fashion - Grand Opening
   Cocktail Reception for 2000 guests

Two IFC Podium
   Christmas Carnival 2500 guests per party for 2 days

Swire Pirate Adventurous Day
   Buffet and Fun Fair for 4000 guests


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